With age comes wisdom. As a brand that has occupied the water sports industry for more than 50 years, we’ve got a whole lot of noggin knowledge. Since our inception in the 60’s building mahogany and white cedar skis to the 70’s and 80’s when fiberglass skis dominated production, we’ve been revolutionizing the industry with technology and leaving a wake of legacy along the way. This same passion that drove the company in 1965 is still the same energy that drives it today. Each of our products are designed to improve performance and create unforgettable moments on the water from wakeboards, wakesurf boards, inflatables and more. Formally manufacturing wakeboards under the name CWB, Connelly is a legacy and a leader in water sports.

Products Offered


Slaying buoys and carving massive walls of spray are our speciality. Whether you enjoy the pure bliss of a leisurely ride or are itching to finally throw the fist pump on that unconquerable pass, we have the perfect swerve stick for you.


Whether you’re chasing grabbed Crow 5’s or laid-back afternoon vibes shredding with the family, Connelly wake presents the best technology for standing sideways.