Fishing Boats, Cruisers, Yachts

The Rodman Group, founded in 1974, is one of the longest-standing European companies in its sector. With over 14,000 vessels sold, the company is the undisputed leader in the nautical industry in Spain. Its success can be attributed to its renowned dependability and quality, its vessels’ unmatched navigability, and the most diversified line-up of boats in the industry. With a track record of having successfully delivered boats to more than 50 countries worldwide. High Standards of Quality, Design, Maximum Safety and Seaworthiness are the best attributes of the Rodman Brand. Thereby a Brand to trust when it comes to Fishing boats, Cruisers and Yachts.

Products Offered

Rodman Delivers Value for money across all the segments that it caters to:

Rodman 33 Offshore

Rodman newest addition to it’s leisure range has closer links to the shipyards commercial arm than ever before. Based on the awesome hull of the Rodman 33 Patrol, the new Rodman 33 Offshore will be the ultimate fast fisher. An outboard boat, with the choice of either 2 x 250hp or 2 x 300hp engines, the hull is capable of speeds up to 50 knots for some seriously enjoyable fishing trips. The 33 Offshore will offer some creature comforts too, with a V berth/seating in the cabin forward, separate washroom and toilet. There will be an external galley unit behind the helm seats, perfect for cooking your catch.

Rodman Fischer and Cruiser Series

If you take your fishing seriously but do not want to compromise the cruising experience then Rodman has the right boat for you. With options ranging from a compact but highly function Rodman 810 to the Rodman1250 Fishing Pro which can take the rough smoothly. The newly launched Rodman 890 Ventura comes with outboard motors, giving you more options in this range. Go fishing, sailing, cruising or even deep sea fishing. The sea is yours to conquer with the Rodman Fisher & Cruiser Series

Rodman Spirit

Rediscover the sea in this innovative new boat from Rodman. This series comprises of the Rodman Spirit 31′ Hardtop, the Rodman Spirit 31′ Open and the flagship model Rodman 42 Flybridge. The newly launched Spirit 31’ Hardtop Outboard version spoils you for choice.

The Rodman Spirit 31 with its movable semicircular Aft seats, allowing for different configurations depending on how you wish to enjoy the area, is an outstanding and unique design feature of this model. As well as offering a larger space for the cockpit it can also achieve an enclosed effect, conveying safety and comfort as a whole. So enjoy the sea at your own terms.

Rodman Muse

At the top of the pyramid, the Rodman Muse is our real achievement, the fusion of beauty and charisma, of emotion and function. Each Boat in this series, from the newly launched Muse 44 to Muse 74 is built to the highest standards with careful selection of materials and best finishes. A range built and designed thanks to our 43 years of expertise working in the boatbuilding industry. Rodman Muse, a range designed for the senses, to enjoy the utmost pleasures at sea and unique experiences.